A recent client offered this summary of his experience of therapy with Juliet:

“I recently worked with Juliet on an almost weekly basis for more than 12 months.  I was suffering from depression, anxiety, guilt and shame.  Having someone like Juliet to support me on a journey of self discovery in a non judgmental and supportive way, I found that I still had the strength to realise that I could remove myself from a very negative situation and set about rebuilding my life.  As an outwardly strong and professional man, this was not easy.  I am however now free and happy and reconnecting with the world, rebuilding relationships with long lost friends and family.  Juliet showed me that this was all possible and indeed acceptable. She never crossed professional boundaries.  Thank you Juliet, you will always have an importatnt place in my life.”


After an initial appointment, where we talk about what you would like to gain from the counselling process, we usually set a weekly session. From this we decide how we will work together. This continues until we feel able to reduce the frequency of sessions as the person starts to feel stronger.